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Welcome to Kriti The Creation!

The Event Planner for All Occasions!

We at Kriti The Creation Events & Advertising Pvt. Ltd. the name behind the global films and music entertainment company is the conglomeration of various activities that comprise of Filmstar & Playback Singer, Brand Management, Corporate Shows, Event Management, Celebrity Management, Product Launches, Fashion Show,


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NGO Events

India is a country of contrasts! The country has as many as 53 billionaires; the fourth highest in the world. But the same country has over 3 million children living on the streets.

The statement "Children are the future of the nation" stops making sense, then! In fact, it sounds like an ominous prophecy.

Kriti The Creation Events & Advertising Pvt. Ltd. believes that the desired changes in the lives of such children will come only when more and more privileged people start participating proactively in finding a solution. The Foundation also believes that the only way to ensure a better future for these children is by educating them.

That is because education is both the means as well as the end; it empowers these children and evolves them as better citizens.

Kriti The Creation Events & Advertising Pvt. Ltd.underscores the fact that helping is not simply a matter of dispersing money but of making a deep, long-term commitment and casting a hard eye on results. With this model, the Foundation partners with emerging and committed organizations for various programmes. It tries to build their capacity, training them to gradually sustain and scale up themselves and their activities. It initially offers them the opportunity to reach their potential and progressively scale up and bear the entire weight themselves. The entire management and operation of Kriti The Creation Events & Advertising Pvt. Ltd. is in compliance with the principles of "Good Governance "and thus sets itself apart with its set norms of sustainability, scalability, accountability, transparency, credibility and effective leadership.

Kriti The Creation Events & Advertising Pvt. Ltd., the name, is the conglomeration of various activities that comprise of events of all sorts, exhibitions,Tele serial productions, stage/music Show, radio jingles, AV production, showorganiser, commercial ads, corporate films, CD presentation, film productions, music production, company presentation, wedding planner/organisers. Besides all above mentioned services the Company has extended its services for the cause of humanity, to be precise the event management services for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) and the events done by the specialized agencies of United Nations and Regional Organisations in India. Once we take the responsibility of organizing the Event, we professionally make it one-stop-shop for A to Z solution starting from ground works like connecting with targeted audience, deciding venues, caterers, coordinating invitations, choosing menus, hotel booking, car booking, flight booking etc. to the final day of organizing the national & international seminars, symposium, workshops, events etc.

Our Exclusive Areas of Services for NGO

Broadly speaking, we tailored the Events according to the specific requirement of the clients. However, for the convenience of the clients, we are rendering our services for the successful completion of the program in the following area/s: Awareness and implementation of Government programs for urban and rural development, events for natural disaster prevention and mitigation programme, Community-based prevention activities, pollution control & prevention activities, community health & promotion activities, Enviro-educational and health related activities, events for saving animals from the cruelty and greed of humans, propagation and campaign for Peace Mission using different techniques, awareness and control of blindness, campaign and road shows for eradicating social evils, social development activities, literacy campaign, economic development activities, welfare activities, promotional activities, cultural activities, educational activities, women welfare activities, propagation of basic science & technology, child welfare activities, exhibitions & promotions, no smoking campaign, HIV awareness campaign etc. What is specialty while you trust on our Event Management Company? Its professional solution of end-to-end approach that integrates the professionals who are well equipped with strong interpersonal and communicational skills with a proactive and positive personality ready with the modern and high-tech equipments of lighting, visual effects, power supplies, projectors, audio-video presentation, structural trussing and associated equipment of entertainment, promotion or advertising events etc. In this way, high visibility theme awareness, enhanced theme reputation, exciting execution and relevant feedback enable our client to manage the future-course of action effectively.

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